Quantify makes reporting solutions for digital marketing agencies. The primary client-facing output of an agency is the weekly or monthly report. A report that takes up to 20% of an agency total workflow. What if there was a better way, freeing up valuable resources to add value elsewhere? Quantify automates daily, weekly and monthly reporting duties. Fast, direct connections into :

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo Gemini
  • Call Rail
  • Mongoose Metrics
  • IfbyPhone
  • Marchex Call Analytics
  • Custom sources

Register for a demo and our sales team will show you techniques to streamline the reporting workflow. Want to skip the demo and try yourself? You may also download our software directly. Begin seeing daily, automated insight into your client’s metrics.

Full Help System

Have questions? Our thoroughly documented help system will answer most setup questions.


Easily Customizable

Changing template's colors is super simple - check out how your favorite color looks.


Automated Reports

True set it and forget it. Design a report configuration once and get a version with fresh data each week.

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